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MoNo Creativity

Slider for model SK, "QUICK ROCKING" system

1.050,00 DKK

Swing function slider for model SK, solid oak. Mounting kit included (bolts and umbraco key).

"1" in "number" means 1 set (2 sliders)

An armchair two options with "QUICK ROCKING" removable sliding system.

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- Type: detachable slider 

- Producer: Skaven Denmark / MoNo Creativity

- Designed by: MoNo Creativity

- Order: expected delivery time approx. 2-3 weeks 

- Model: model SK

- Wood treatment (legs, nails, slides) - choose between: untreated, stained teak, stained mahogany, stained chestnut, stained dark oak, waxed oak, waxed retro silver, waxed retro gold, waxed white color, lacquered (without color), waxed (without color), stained pine, oiled (without color) , waxed - smoked oak, stained rosewood, stained wings, stained ebony, light mahogany stained, petrol blue stained, red stained

>>> see more about wood treatment

We offer a free treatment sample to our dealer and private customer

>>> order free sample

- Goal: L 85cm

5 year warranty

The Danish Purchase Act provides a two-year warranty but we know well what we do, we are confident in our quality and therefore we give a five-year warranty on our newly produced furniture.

We deliver in Denmark on all weekdays with Esbjerg Transport and GLS.

- Tables - 3-8 weeks

- Armchairs - 3-8 weeks

 - Interior design (wooden figures) - 2-5 days

- small coffee tables - 3-8 weeks - Esbjerg Transport or GLS

- mounting - tables must be assembled

- mounting with us  - Please enter in the order comment that you would like a ready-to-use table.

- In some cases, shipping may take a little longer. Customers can receive a message via text message or email.
If you need help, just write to us. We are always ready to help and advise you.
In many homes, the living room is central space where people gather and coziness is created. We know very well how important it is for your customers to buy real furniture. Of course, we want your customers to be happy with your purchase. That is why we recommend SQUARE and NEVOTEX upholstery fabric.
When choosing textiles for furniture, there are several things to consider. There are the design considerations - material choice, color choice and possibly pattern. And there are the more useful considerations - the fabric's abrasion resistance and ability to resist dirt and stains.
If you need help, just write to us. We are always ready to help and advise you. 
Legs, nails and slides made of oak. You can choose untreated or treated oak.
If you need help, just write to us. We are always ready to help and advise you.