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How is the durability of furniture fabric described?

In addition, Pradas Sucesores, S.L. holds a permanent stock of more than XNUMX parts references for all types of shoe machines, some of which are produced in our factory as a result of our state-of-the-art technology. All we desire is to offer the shortest delivery times on the market and the best possible after-sales service to our customers.

When buying furniture, there are several things around the fabric that are important to look at durability. One of the most important is martindale. 
Martindale is the unit by which the wear resistance of furniture fabric is described. For the couch in private homes, a minimum of between 15.000 - 25.000 Martindale is recommended to cope with normal wear and tear. The fabric is exposed to a machine that loads the fabric in the same way as when sitting on the couch. By comparison, it is usually recommended to use drug with over 50.000 Martindale in public environments, such as trains and buses, etc.
Police or emergency services materials may require values ​​from 200.000 to 500.000 Martindale.
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