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Stain Remover

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Dye Transfer Stain Remover - 100ml - is a solvent-based cleaning agent designed specifically to remove the dye that is transferred from blue jeans, clothing, pillows, blankets, inks, finished leather and vinyl newspapers.

NOTE: Before use, the product is tested to see if the leather is dye. To pretest, take a soft white cloth and dampen with clean water. Lightly rub the leather on a hidden area to see if color has been removed to the cloth. If color is removed with clean water, it is certain that any solution will also remove the color. If the first test is ready, repeat with the cleaning and make sure you are happy with the result.

Instructions Spending: Shake the bottle well. Dampen a soft cloth with the dye remover and gently wipe the surface to be treated to allow the cleanser to run to depth. If necessary, repeat the operation, if dye transfer is not easily removed, do not rub aggressively. Remove any residue with a skin cleanser and wipe the skin with a clean, non-abrasive cloth moistened with water. Allow to dry and then apply a leather cushion to facilitate the removal of all other color transfers. It is recommended to remove stains immediately as deletion becomes more and more difficult over time. 

Do not apply to suede / nubuck