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Lambskin care set

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Double-sided brush for lambskin 6 × 21 cm made of wood.

The brush has two different sides, one being plastic knobs. On the other hand, it is synthetic brushes that provide a more coarse brushing.

A good little brush to maintain your lambskin. So it stays nice and delicious. The brush should not be overused but used in cases where you use your skin extensively and want it to maintain its nice smooth texture or after washing.

Lambskin shampoo - 200ml.

- for all washable skins
- economic use
- environmentally friendly
- biodegradable

Sheepskin and lambskin shampoo and conditioner - 125ml.

Antibacterial Wool Shampoo with Conditioner contains a high quality tea tree extract which is very good antimicrobial agent. It can protect us from skin allergies. The smell of tea tree oil also discourages insects.