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ViaBill share payment

This means for you as a customer that you can easily and quickly buy what you want here and now in our webshop, but only pay when you want.

With ViaBill, you should not have any money out of pocket here and now. Simply press the ViaBill payment button in our checkout and you will complete a transaction without paying anything.

You will then be sent an email from ViaBill where they will need your information to sign up as a payer through ViaBill.

How much does ViaBill's payment service cost?

You can pay your charge for free via. your online banking, but you can also just relax and let ViaBill handle the payment on the due date - all without having to do anything. Payment service costs just DKK 39 per. charging, thus ensuring that you avoid expensive reminder and collection costs. In fact, it is only if ViaBill cannot withdraw the amount on your debit card that you will be able to receive reminders.

You can and do pay off via ViaBill free of charge when your order does not exceed a value of DKK 2.000. If the amount is less than 2.000, - is deducted over 12 months and with DKK 0 in interest and fee, a free installment scheme is offered here.

Purchases with ViaBill from 2.000 and up to DKK 10.000 are with interest, the applicable interest rates can be seen on ViaBill's website and will be disclosed in the payment process after ViaBill has been selected.

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